Conceptual artist specializing in 

mixed media creations 

Gold Leaf
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Ideas and forms are
influenced by
how we as humans
interact with nature.
Humans have an innate need to custom tailor all things
to their benefit, pleasure
and comfort. 
As humans, we value life
on a scale of importance according to our rules,
not Nature’s rules

Artist Statement


My work has been a mix of media throughout my 45+ year career as a working artist. My ideas and forms are influenced by how we as humans interact with Nature. Observing Nature and how humans change Nature, taking it apart and rebuilding to serve human needs. For full artist statement click here. 

Our ideas are like eggs ... if they do not hatch ... there will always be more ideas, goals to set, and future inspirations to pursue.

Studio M

Michaelé Watson Artist Studio

217 Middle St, New Bern, NC 28560



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