"My ideas and forms are influenced by how we as humans interact with Nature."

I continue to work in mixed media but now from a conceptual point of view.  My ideas and forms are influenced by how we as humans interact with Nature. Observing Nature and how humans change Nature, taking it apart and rebuilding to serve human needs.  Humans have an innate need to custom tailor all things to their benefit, pleasure and comfort.  As humans, we value life on a scale of importance according to our rules, not Nature’s rules, one example is the Tree.  We do not live with the tree as it lives in Nature, we cut it down, make planks and recreate the tree into structures and shapes we prefer.  All creatures existing and living on Earth coexist in a shared ecosystem environment.  Humans mostly feel everything on Earth exists to be re-created for a human dominated ecosystem.  Considering a point of view other than ours to the variety of species we share this planet with, we choose to redefine the planet as our numbers increase verses working with the natural ecosystems that existed before humans were part of it.  We expect Nature to adapt and evolve to human requirements, what if it were the reverse?

  • What if we considered other animal species as equals? 

  • What would collaboration with other species look like?

  • How could be change our ecosystem to work the natural ecosystems that already exist on the planet?

  • Re-thinking the Tree, how would we do it differently?

Our ideas are like eggs ... if they do not hatch ... there will always be more ideas, goals to set, and future inspirations to pursue.

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