Curriculum Vitae

Michaelé Rose Watson




         2011 - present     Michaelé Rose Artist Studio, 413 B. Broad St., New Bern, NC

         2016 - present    Studio 413 Gallery, New Bern, NC  



                        2009     BFA, Ceramics, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, 

                        2005     AFA, Craven Community College, New Bern, NC 28560   

                        2005     AA, Craven Community College, New Bern, NC 28560

               1978 - 1981     3 year Apprenticeship at Chalmers Stained Glass, Jupiter, Florida

                                     under tutelage of, Al Chalmers Beck 



                        2015     East Carolina University Alumni Exhibition, Greenville, NC., "Darwin’s Dilemma",

                        2015     Elder Gallery, Charlotte, NC, Carolina’s Got Art. "Orb with Eggs"

                        2014     Emerge Gallery, National Exhibition:Schwa Show, Greenville, NC

                                               " Three Hundred Possibilities"

                        2012     New Bern Artworks Gallery/Fine Art @ Baxters, "1000 Possibilities" Installation           

                        2010     Inner Banks Artisan Center, Art of the Earth Exhibit, Washington, NC 

                                                "UnderWorld Orbs"

                        2009     The Art Room, Greenville, NC  solo exhibition BFA Show, "Orbs" 

                        2009     Bank of the Arts, New Bern, NC  "Nature on Human Terms" "A Culture of 100 Feet"

                                    Three Women Exibition  (with Jill Eberle and Sue Luddeke)

                        2009     Emerge Gallery, Undergraduate exhibition, Greenville, NC  "Evolution"

                        2008     Burrough’s Wellcome Gallery, Greenville, NC, "A Taste of Italy",

                        2008     Burrough’s Wellcome Gallery, Greenville, NC, "One Hundred Eggs",           

                        2008     Emerge Gallery, Greenville, NC  "Untitled"

                        2007     Emerge Gallery, SCHWA Show Greenville, NC 

                                    “In the beginning there was...Eternal Perpetual Progress”  and  “Mickey’s Drawers” 

                        2005     Emerge Gallery, 4th Annual SCHWA Show, Greenville, NC  "Illusion"

                        2005     Bank of the Arts, New Bern, NC  Shells, "The Moon Chair",  "In over my

                                                            Head",  "You & Me" Shadow Box , Design I, Design II studies

                        1995     Bank of the Arts, Recycled Ideas Exhibit. New Bern, NC  "The Paper Man"

                        1992     Bank of the Arts, New Bern, NC "Faerie I, II, III & IV"  Limited Edition

                        1989     Lighthouse Gallery, Tequesta, Fl  Showcase    11th  Annual Celebration of the Arts

                                                            "Mineral Collection"



Honors & Recognition  

                        2011     Recipient of the "Regional Artists Grant", NCArts, Raleigh, NC

                        2011     Bank of the Arts, New Bern, NC  "Untitled"  2nd place  (Regional Show)

                        2010     Bank of the Arts, New Bern, NC  "A Timely Death" (Regional Show) purchase award

                        2009     Bank of the Arts, New Bern, NC  "Evolution"  1st place (Regional Show)

                        2009     Rebel 51, “Evolution”,  East Carolina University, 1st Place Ceramics. pg. 30

                        2008     Rebel 50, “Geode”, East Carolina University,  Honorable Mention. pg. 35

                        2008     Bank of the Arts, New Bern, NC  "A Watery Geode"  Merit Award (Regional Show)

                        2007     Grey Gallery, Greenville, NC  " Tea Set & Tray"  Undergraduate Exhibition

                                               1st place: Nell Cole Graves Award of Excellence in Ceramics

                        2005     Caswell Building, Raleigh NC   "Shells"   Art from the Community Colleges,                                                                                                Craven County Winner

                        2004     "You Made My Day Award", Craven Community College, NC,

                                              January 19, September 3 & September 27

                        1991     Palm Beach Community College, Florida  "Writes of Spring"    3rd Annual  

                                                           Poster Design winner, March 25-26, North Palm Beach, Florida


Stained Glass Collections



                        1996     St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, "Jesus with Children" 4‘x6’ Stained Glass Panel ,

                                                 Pulpit center piece, Vanceboro, NC

                        1996     Dr. & Sandra Ashley Installation  "Garden of the Pagoda"  3‘x7’’ Riverbend, NC

                        1986     Sydney Clary Installation  "Rainbow Sweeps" 12‘x16’  Jupiter Farms, Florida





          2010 - Present     Monthly Michaele Rose studio openings

          2011 - Present     Hall, Charlie, “Art Happenings”, announcing the reopening of:

                                                 “Michaelé Rose Artist Studio”, The Sun Journal

                        2009     East Carolina University Rebel 51, “Evolution”, , 1st Place Ceramics. pg. 30

                        2008     East Carolina University Rebel 50, “Geode”,,  Honorable Mention. pg. 35

                        2004     Sun Journal Staff, “ Exhibition for Craven Community College featuring                                                                                                     "Michaelé Rose”, The Sun Journal, January 1. pg. C2

                        1999     Sun Journal Staff, “The Crystal Lady Inc.”   Feature Article

                        1997     The Chamber Magazine, “The Crystal Lady Inc.”  Feature Article ,                                                                         New Bern, NC  p.12

                        1992     Cresenzo, Bill, “Wanted: Outstanding Youth Citizens" , Up with People”                                                                                                      collaboration with The Crystal Lady, Inc., "History of Dolls",

                                              Sun Journal, Section C1

                        1992     Palm Beach Community College Beachcomber Magazine,

                                     “Dragonfly Painting & Poem”  West Palm Beach, Fl., p. 23




                        1992     Palm Beach Community College, Cover Design, “She Who Guides

                                    Towards the Tree of Knowledge”, Spring & Summer Catalog,

                                     North Palm Beach, Florida

                        1992     Palm Beach Community College, Cover Design,

                                           “Spirit of the Panther”,  Winter Catalog, North Palm Beach, Florida

Community Service

Speaking Engagements

& Juror

                        2017      Walt Bellamy Jr. Sculpture Park Project, Pollock St, New Bern, NC

        2015 - present     James City Historical Society, Board member and Treasurer, New Bern

                        2015     Girl Scout troop 1420, Public Art Mural at Kinston Nature Center

                                               troop leader: Amy McClintock Brown, Artist Lead: Michaelé Rose 

                                               "The Giving Tree and The Activities Tree of Girl Scouts"    

         2013- present    Founder of  

              2011 - 2014     Co-founder & secretary "Community Artist Will, Inc"., New Bern, NC

                                                 A 501c3 artist organization to assist artists

                        2014     Public Radio East interview, aired January 10-11, ArtWorkFound Lost Art Project,                                            Black Friday, Nov. 29, 2013

                        2013     Empty Bowls Fundraiser, Craven Arts Council: organized Bowl making party at                                                 Craven Community College: made & donated 200 bowls

                        2013     Leave No Art Student Behind, collaboration with: JH McDonald Middle School,                                                 Craven Community College Pi Theta Kappa & Community Artist Will, Inc.

             2009 - 2013     Craven Arts Council & Gallery Board member & Secretary

                        2013     Judge, Carolina Artist Studio Gallery, Sept.13th,  Morehead City, NC

                                                ‘Soul of a Woman’ Exhibition

                        2012     Empty Bowls Fundraiser, Craven Arts Council: made & donated 100 bowls

                        2012     Co-creator of Bohemian Artist Event in Downtown New Bern, NC to present

                2011-2012     One Million Bones World Collaboration, National Mall, Wash, DC, coordinated

                                       community Bone Parties at, Craven Community College, Michaele Rose Artist

                                       Studio & Craven Arts Council, total bones donated, 700

                        2011     Empty Bowls Fundraiser, Craven Arts Council: made & donated 100 bowls

                        2011     Craven Arts Festival/Fundraiser, Coordinator of Adult Workshops &

                                            Bear Sculpture now residing at The City Laundry, New Bern, NC

                        2010     Empty Bowls Fundraiser, Craven Arts Council: made & donated 100 bowls

                        2010     “Colorfest", Ft. Totten Park, New Bern, NC.  Face painting, Art in the Park

                        2009     Empty Bowls Fundraiser, Craven Arts Council: made & donated 100 bowls

                        1998     Judge, Neuse River Senior Games Silver Arts Division,  May 5th. 

                        1998     Expanding Horizons Academically Gifted (AG) "Lecture",

                                           Public School System, New Bern, North Carolina, March

                        1998     Spring Historic Homes & Gardens Tour "Exhibitor", April

                        1997     Expanding Horizons AG "Lecture", Craven Public Schools, March

                        1996     New Bern High School, Spring Art & Craft Fair, "Educational Exhibit

                                                            display & Lecture", North Carolina

                        1996     New Carolinians, New Bern, NC,  "Presenter".  March

                        1996     Craven Retirement Expo,New Bern,NC,  "Presenter".  April 18th


Professional development

activities & experiences

                        2015     Katharine Morling, London, UK, MudFire, Decatur, Georgia

                        2014     Antoinette Bandenhorst online Workshop, Mississipi to NC

                        2013     NC Potter’s Conference, Ashboro, NC

                        2013     Nick Jorling Workshop, Bailey, NC

                        2012     NC Potter’s Conference, Ashboro, NC

                        2012     Randy Brodnex & Don Ellis, Workshop, Bailey, NC

                        2011     Robin Hopper Workshop: Dan Finch Pottery, Bailey, NC

                        2011     NCECA- National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, Tampa, Florida

                        2011     Social Media Networking Class, Craven Community College

                                                    (instructor:Raul Alveraz)

                        2010     Glaze Techniques w/ Steven Hill, Sandwich, Ill

                        2010     NCECA- National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts,

                                                    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

                        2009     NCECA- National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts,

                                                    Phoenix, Arizona

                        2008     NCECA- National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts,

                                                    Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

                        2004     College Reading & Learning Association, (CRLA) Regular Tutoring

                                                            Certificate, March 8

                        2004     CRLA Advanced Tutoring Certificate, November 11

                        2002     Basic Welding Certificate, Craven Community College

                        1999     Glass Horizons, Glass Fusing Class, Corning, New York

                                                      (instructors: Newy Fagen, Phil Tealy)

                        1993     Lampworking Class,Penland, NC  (instructors: Shane Ferro & Fred Birkhill)

                        1992     Metal Design Workshop,  Penland, NC   (instructor: Mary Ann Sheerer)

                        1991     Lampworking workshop, John C. Campbell School, Murphy, NC


Employment &

Teaching Experience

              2011 - 2014     Craven Community College,  "Ceramic Instructor" Art Department

                        2005     Math Tutor, Academic Skills Center (ASC), Craven Community College, NC

                        2004     Math Tutor,  ASC, Craven Community College, NC

                                                Chris Phaus, director, Perkins Grant program     

                         1993     Relocated The Crystal Lady Inc,  New Bern, NC

                                         Two departments: Custom Stained Glass & Jewelry Making/Design 

                 1981-1999      founded Crystal Lady Custom Stained Glass Inc. Jupiter, Florida

               1994 - 1998       Craven Community College Adult Education Instructor 

                                                            Ann Lynn Stumps, director

                                                -Traditional Leaded Stained Glass 8 wk. program

                                                -Copper Foil Stained Glass 8 wk. program

                                                -Jewelry/wire manipulation 8 wk. program

Art Fairs



1982-1994            Belle Cher, Asheville, NC

                                    Mumfest, New Bern, NC

                                    Sunset Beach Art Shows, Key West FL

                                    Downtown Delray Festival of the Arts Juried Show, Florida

                                    Boca Raton Museum of Art Outdoor Juried Art Fest, Florida

                                    ArtiGras Fine Art Festival Juried Show, Jupiter, Fl

                                    Under the Oaks Juried Show, Riverside Park Vero Beach, Fl

                                    Delray Affair on Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, Fl

                                    Sunfest Juried Show, West Palm Beach, Fl

                                    Ocala Arts Festival Juried Show, Ocala, Fl

                                    Islamorada Art Fest,  Islamorada Keys, Fl

                                    Mount Dora Craft Festival, Mt. Dora, Fl

                                    Downtown Boca Festival of the Arts Juried Show, Boca Raton

                                    Space Coast Arts Festival, Juried Show, Cocoa Beach, Fl