My work has been a mix of media throughout my 45+ year career as a working artist.  In 1978, I became an apprentice learning the Stained Glass industry under the tutelage of Al Chalmers Beck in Jupiter, Florida.  In 1981, I opened my own custom stained glass studio, The Crystal Lady Inc., focusing on residential, commercial and ecclesial commissions, eventually relocating from Florida to New Bern, NC in 1984 and growing the business to 7 employees.  During those years working in conservative glass I began experimenting with 3-dimensional sculptural forms and wanted to grow beyond 2-dimensional works.   After selling my glass business in 1999, I went back to school and began exploring the various art related subjects such as painting, printmaking, metals and clay.  Today I incorporate many materials, mostly clay, wood & metals into my creations. 

Operating a successful art related business in my early career along with the influences of a Fine Art Degree in my later years, set me on a path to change my work from decorative to concept-based ideas.